About and Usage

This widget is for pulling in patient testimonial content onto interior pages. Primarily to be used in the side bar.


To set up the widget follow these steps:

  1. Use the the snippet generator to create the snippet. After filling out form the generator will create the following values:
    • webq_testimonials_title - Sets the title. Default: Patient Stories
    • webq_testimonials_num_displayed - Sets number of testimonials to show in the widget. Default: 3
    • webq_testimonials_tag - Allows the user to filter by tag. Optional
    • webq_testimonials_layout - Set the layout to either aside or main content. Default: Aside
  2. Copy and paste generated snippet in desired service page content.

Widget Styles

The widget styles are in the http://web-q-hospital.prod.ehc.com/global/hut/widgets/css/webq-widgets.css stylesheet. Make shure this is included in the /util/custom/start.vtl.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://web-q-hospital.secure.ehc.com/global/hut/widgets/css/webq-widgets.css"/>