HUT Provider Listing "Widget"

Data Options

The widget is checking the $uses_crm_pd HUT velocity variable and automatically selects the dotCMS physician directory or the CRM provider directory for the data source. Also the $host_code HUT variable is used to detect market queries.

  • The widget could use a new physician query or the pre-populated related physicians data on the service pages.
  • I you are creating a new query at least one of the NPIs, Specialties, Keywords query parameter has to be defined.

    Semicolon separated list of NPI numbers.

    Semicolon separated list of Specialties.

    CRM physician queries do not support multiple keywords currently.
    dotCMS physician pulls using the "Keywords" parameter for searching tags.

Layout Options

Please see the gallery for layout options.

The widget styles are in the stylesheet. Make shure this is included on page; ex.: add it to the /util/custom/start.vtl

Snippet Generator

(default: Our Physicians)