The QA Video Gallery is for use with Question and Answer like youtube playlists. The widget uses the video content structure to pull in the necessary information for the widget.

The widget makes use of the following fields in the video content structure:

  • Title
  • Featured Person
  • Featured Person Title
  • Featured Person Summary
  • Thumbnail
  • Tags

Add Youtube Videos to dotCMS

To add youtube videos to dotCMS use the video content tool. Instructions can be found on techdocs.

Before importing the csv you created with the video content tool into the dotCMS host, populate the following fields with the corresponding physician information for the question being answered in the video:

  • Title: Question
  • Featured Person: Physician Name, Title
  • Featured Person Title: Physician Specialty
  • Featured Person Summary: url to physician profile(use relative or full url path)
  • Thumbnail: name of physician image
    • include file extension
    • place image file in /util/images/physicians/
  • Tags: Tag for video
    • The widget will pull in all the videos with the same tag to create feed

Widget Styles

The widget styles are in the stylesheet. Make sure this is included in the /util/custom/start.vtl.

<link rel="stylesheet" href=""/>

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