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Approval Process

All disaster and hurricane communications are centralized for each division, except where noted below. Ensure permission has been obtained for the request (or is coming directly) from the contact listed below in order to update hospital and ASD websites.

Division Contact(s) Hospital ASD
East Florida Peter Jude Division Approval Required Not Required
North Florida Lori Modafferi Division Approval Required Not Required
South Atlantic Karen Nelson Division Approval Required Not Required
West Florida J.C. Sadler Division Approval Required Not Required

Ticketing System (Zendesk/WebQ)

  • All website contacts (marketing directors, VPs, ASD admins, etc.) have been instructed to use for all hurricane related updates. However, they may reach out to us via, regular email, phone, or text. Be prepared to serve regardless of the communication channel.
  • Emergency, hurricane and storm related tickets and tasks take priority over all other requests and work.
  • Emergency Alert and Storm Update tickets have been added as red buttons in the Quick Links and Top Ticket menus in Zendesk, so we may better serve our marketing teams and prioritize storm related tickets.
  • The Storm Updates ticket is new and we've asked our marketing teams to be as specific as possible when entering their requests using this ticket type.

On-Call/After Hours Procedures

When working on-call shifts or after normal business hours, please adhere to the following policies:

  • Primary: Staff assigned to the primary role are responsible for monitoring their text notfications and remaining close to their computer in order to complete ticket updates within ~30 minutes of submission
  • Secondary: Staff assigned to the secondary role are responsible for monitoring their phones for messages from the primary
  • In the event a primary is unable to complete ticket submissions (i.e. power outage, Internet problems, network connectivity issues, etc.), or they become inundated with ticket requests, they should contact the secondary for assistance.
  • If unable to reach the secondary, then contact the staff member in charge during that time period. For Hurricane Irma, contact staff in the following order:
# Staff Member Work Cell
1 Melissa Kvetko (if available) (239) 565-0915 (941) 815-1136
2 Stephen Tyler Bennett (615) 344-6174 (931) 636-8135
3 Chris Griffith (615) 344-6017 (615) 430-9656
4 Stephanie Phillips (615) 344-6515 (423) 316-3302
5 Deborah Long (615) 344-6154 (615) 268-9119

Comp Time

Since we are unable to setup overtime pay for on-call/after hours, or for additional hours worked during a normal business weekday, we will implement a comp time system.

  • For each 12 hour on-call/after hours shift (i.e. 6pm-6am) where updates are made, you will be granted two hours of comp time.
  • If no updates are logged during a shift, then comp time will not be granted.
  • The comp time may be used at the conclusion of Hurricane Irma efforts and must be approved by your manager beforehand.
  • Kronos time should be logged as usual and additional time should be recorded in Harvest.

Zendesk Text Notifications

During on-call/after hours shifts, text notifications will be enabled for the primary and secondary contacts.

  • We use Zapier for our text notification system and we are on the Professional Plan.
  • Notifications for Hurricane Irma are setup through Tuesday, Sept. 12th.
  • When text notifications are enabled, they will come every five minutes if a new ticket has been submitted during that period.
  • We are allowed 50 zaps total on our account, which is the number of on-call times we are able to setup.
  • We are allowed 15,000 tasks per month, which is the number of text messages we are allowed to send.


Emergency Alerts

This is the colored bar that goes across the top of our websites when enabled. It consists of an icon, color, title, description and link(s). All sites are preloaded with an unpublished emergency alert for quick deployment.

Status Color Icon/Title/Desc.
Division Green icon-weather-tropical-storm
[Division Name] Hospital Statuses Vary
Click here to find the status of each location.
Hospital - Evacuating Red icon-sl-alert-1
[Hospital] is suspending services and evacuating all patients.
Hospital - Closed Red icon-sl-alert-1
Currently Closed
[Hospital] has suspended all services and has evacuated all patients.
Hospital - Open Green icon-weather-tropical-storm
[Hospital] is open and caring for patients.
Hospital - Open Green icon-weather-tropical-storm
[Hospital] is open and has transferred our sickest patients
Hospital - Open with Visitor Restrictions Green icon-weather-tropical-storm
[Hospital] is open. Visitation policies are limited.
Hospital - Open & Not Accepting Green icon-weather-tropical-storm
[Hospital] is open. Visitation policies are limited.
Hospital - Open Green icon-weather-tropical-storm
All inquiries please call: xxx-xxx-xxxx (used for if phone lines go out)
ASD - Closed (Multiple Days) Red icon-sl-alert-1
Currently Closed
[ASD] will be closed on [Day of the Week], [Month] [Date] and [Day of the Week], [Month] [Date]
ASD - Closed (One Day) Red icon-sl-alert-1
Closed [Day], [Month] [Year]
Due to the uncertainty of Hurricane Irma's path, we feel this is the safest decision for our patients, physicians and staff.
ASD - Open Green icon-weather-tropical-storm
[ASD] is open and serving patients.
FSER - Closed Red icon-sl-alert-1
FSER - Open Green icon-weather-tropical-storm
Multi-Tenant TBD TBD

Note: All alert links should direct to the /health-info/hurricane-preparedness/ page. The only exception is Mercy Hospital, which is using the newsroom for its English and Spanish copy.

Homepage Banners

These are the static or rotating image(s) that reside below the quick links on our websites. They consist of an image, title, description and link(s). All sites are preloaded with an unpublished emergency banner for quick deployment.

During Hurricane Irma, the following procedures should be used for homepage banners, unless otherwise specified:

Feature Content
Image: Palm Tree (Empathy Hands is an alternative if specifically requested)
Title: Hurricane Irma Updates

During a hurricane or emergency, it’s important to stay informed.


Pulling together for our patients and communities.

Button Text: Learn More
Link: /health-info/hurricane-preparedness/

Note: When the palm tree banner is added, all other banners should be unpublished.

Hurricane Prep Content

All sites are preloaded with three published hurricane preparedness pages. The global content may be used or a facility may customize the content.

  • Hurricane Resources: /health-info/hurricane-preparedness/
  • How to Prepare: /health-info/hurricane-preparedness/
  • How to Recover: /health-info/hurricane-preparedness/

Interior Page Alert

We also offer our interior page alert widget, which enables custom messages to be placed on the main hurricane prep page without altering the global content.

Interior Page Alert - Snippet Generator

Division Status Cards

Facility status tables have been published on all division hurricane main pages, except for South Atlantic. South Atlantic's may quickly be deployed by uncommenting the code in the webpage content at the top of the page.


  • Code Ready Removal: At the request of our marketing VPs, the Code Ready footer links and interior page blurbs have been removed on WFD and NFD. Inventories for SATL, MTN and TS are located in Redbooth should this content need to be removed from those as well.
  • ERWT Removal: ER Wait Times (ERWT) have been disabled on all East Florida websites and we have removed widgets/references to them from the home and ER pages. If it is decided to remove them from the other divisions, then West Florida is the only one with a reference. The ERWT listing in the sidebar of West Florida's ER page will need to be removed. Also, we are unable to disable the ERWT feed. This has to be done by the corporate team.
  • PSG Website Content: Content has been placed on the division websites to be used in the alert banners for PSG websites. Do not unpublish this content. An example may be viewed on East Florida.
  • Search Results & URL to Content: Make sure custom hurricane content uses an appropriate title and includes the URL to content, as this determines how and if the content will appear in search results. An example may be viewed on West Florida.
  • Zendesk CCs: Nicole Baxter, Deb Reiner, and the inbox are receiving copies of any new hurricane related tickets. Albert can remove this after Irma is done.