About CRM Calendar Cards

The CRM calendar cards can be added to any page on a host that uses CRM for their calendar. By default, the widget will pull in the earliest events on the relevant host, but the widget can be configured to pull in events matching any number of keywords or keyword/start-date combinations.

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Widget Styles

The widget styles are in the http://web-q-hospital.prod.ehc.com/global/hut/widgets/css/webq-widgets.css stylesheet. Make shure this is included in the /util/custom/start.vtl.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://web-q-hospital.secure.ehc.com/global/hut/widgets/css/webq-widgets.css"/>

Card Config Tool

The tool below will help you generate a velocity snippet to add the widget to your campaign or interior/service page. If used for a campaign, the snippet must be used in one of the two custom content sections in the active campaign content. Be sure that the you set the custom section to span full width.

how to set the custom content area to full width

Crm Calendar Cards in the Side Bar of Campaigns

If using Calendar Cards in the side bar in campaign pages, in the builder select "No" for "Is this widget for a campaign?", select "Side Bar" for "Where will this widget be placed?" and place the code in the "Main Content" Container. If not, the cards will not display correctly.

Velocity Snippet: