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  • A Related Content card should be placed on main service line pages when the section contains multiple sub-pages
  • The icon and title may be adjusted based upon the content in the sub-page links (i.e. The title could be Pregnancy Tools, Procedures, Treatments, Maternity Features, etc.)
  • Refrain from using Related Content, Learn More, Additional Information, and About XYZ Service in the title


  • Add or adjust images and videos where appropriate
  • In most cases, a relevant, engaging photo that spans the page (700x250px) should be added after the first bit of copy (unless there is a video, in which case, span the video instead)
  • The main image should either be a stock photo or a custom image from the facility
  • For interior images, medical illustrations, downloads, and other image parameters, please consult the guidelines below...

Facility Images (interior, physicians, testimonials, etc.)

  • If the page contains multiple images from the interior of a facility, then place them in a gallery.
  • If the page contains one interior image and it is large enough to span across the page, then span it across the page in place of a stock photo.
  • If the image isn't large enough to span the page, then float it to the right of the content.
  • Images related to testimonial content should be placed in the app (if not already there) and pulled to the page via the testimonials feed
  • Images of physicians should only be used outside of the Related Physician feature in special cases
  • All other images should conform to image standards

Medical Illustrations

  • If the page contains medical illustrations, then do not use a stock photo or custom image.
  • All medical illustrations should be floated to the right of the content to which they are associated. The only exceptions are illustrations that need to span across the width of the page, or those that need to be centered on their own line of the page.

Other Images

  • If the page contains content to download, such as a brochure, flyer, or report, then place the link in a download icon button.
  • Do not create thumbnail download images.
  • Do not use the main logo within page content, since it is already listed on the page.
  • If the page contains a service line logo, then float it to the right of the first bit of copy.
  • Place award logos, accreditation seals, and recognition images in the Recognition card.
  • Infographics should link out to a separate page where the infographic text and a larger view of the image are available (View Example)


  • Add or adjust buttons where appropriate
  • Use the outline class to style buttons
  • Add icons to emphasize the use of buttons
  • Use icons within page content where appropriate to convey meaning

Card Usage

Content may be placed within cards to group it in a more cohesive way. In most cases, cards should contain a small amount of information. When content requires multiple cards to be used sequentially, place each section of content in its own card, instead of the same card.





  • For accordions with a large amount of content, leave content in the accordion and recommend moving it to a separate page in the inventory.
  • For accordions with a small amount of content, remove content from the accordion and place directly on the page.


When buttons are used as navigation or to link to service sub-pages, replace them with a Related Content card.

Content Headers

  • Add or adjust headers to clarify content sections where appropriate



Related Content

  • Do not edit related physicians
  • Do not edit related news
  • Remove any health topics and subjects
  • Remove a related location if it is the main facility (Visitors are already on the website; therefore, this information is redundant. In addition, it will lengthen the page, causing the sidebar info to be placed lower on mobile.)