Due to the Emergency Department Expansion project, there will be a new traffic pattern effective on May 16, 2016.

During an emergency, there’s no time to think. You have to operate on trust. When you or a loved one needs immediate medical attention, count on our experienced ER team at Web Q. We are trained and ready to treat you with the care, respect and urgency you deserve.

Visitor Information

Our ER visiting hours, entrances and location maps are available to help you manage your time while in our hospital. Find the details you need to help with your hospital visit.

ER Wait Time

When you need immediate medical attention, there’s nothing more important than getting the help you need, as fast as possible. At Web Q we are committed to providing you with emergency care as quickly as possible. That’s why we provide our average ER wait times online and via text to help you choose the best ER location to meet your needs. To check current wait times, just click the link on this page or text ER to the number 23000.

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Specialized Care When You Need it Most

[TRONE NOTE: Choose the differentiating services or offerings that apply to your hospital and its surrounding facilities]

Level II Trauma Center

Not every hospital is prepared to treat trauma patients, but at Web Q we have a specially trained team to care for your serious emergencies. As the only Level II Trauma Center in [insert region], Web Q has the proven expertise to save lives. Being a state-recognized Trauma Center means we voluntarily provide a higher level of care for the most critically injured patients. It also means our standards and performance are regularly reviewed by the American College of Surgeons and the American College of Emergency Physicians. Bottom line, in an emergency, you are in good hands at the Level II Trauma Center at Web Q.

Level III Trauma Center

As a Level III Trauma Center, the ER team at Web Q is fully prepared for critically ill or injured patients whenever they arrive in the ER. We deliver care that ensures trauma patients receive the stabilizing treatment they need -- fast.

Freestanding ER Web Q

We are pleased to extend our emergency coverage into the community through our freestanding ER [FSER(s) name(s)]. When you need immediate care close to home, [FSER(s)] is here to help. Our full-service ER is staffed 24/7/365 by physicians and clinical staff that have special training in pediatric and emergency medicine. Our freestanding ER also offers imaging and lab services onsite, so you can get the urgent medical care you need and then quickly get back to your life.

Express Care

At Web Q, we offer our Express Care (or Fast Track) ER for minor injuries and illnesses. This unique service offers you, your children and family a faster experience that is separate from our regular emergency room.

Dedicated ER Care for Children

Children aren’t just little adults. They need medicine, equipment and a team that’s specialized for their needs. Our Pediatric ER is designed to be friendly and non-intimidating. Our Pediatric ER team is specially-trained in caring for children, and features top specialists in traumatic fractures and sports injuries for the times when little adventures get rough. Web Q also has a dedicated Pediatric inpatient unit and Pediatric ICU with 24/7 specialist coverage for our smallest and sickest patients.

Specialty Emergency Expertise

At Web Q, we offer several specialty services that add to our comprehensive emergency treatment and recovery services.

  • A fully accredited Chest Pain Center
  • A geriatric ER with specialized care for seniors
  • A certified Primary Stroke Center
  • The [insert name] Burn Center
  • Advanced Wound Management Center
  • Orthopedic support from the Human Motion Institute

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