In an effort to better streamline our blog content with unique and relevant Call to Actions we are working on revamping the way we display our blog content. To achieve this we are adding new automatic items to each of our Healthy Living Blogs. We will also be adding unique CTA items to the blogs that will use the blog content to create an appropriate CTA. The CTA additions made through the remediation will attempt to provide users with multiple benefits:

  • Provide the information they’re searching in multiple outlets instead of one single link
  • Give an opportunity to find more information than just the single blog post
  • Explore more content on the site
  • View related blog posts
  • Outlets to call for more information or set up an appointment with a physician

Previous Styles

Below are the previous styling features that were depicted for our blog posts. These styles do not contain many eye-catching CTAs. With our new styles we are hoping to change that, giving users the option of multiple intriguing CTAs to bring more traffic and clicks to the blogs.

Original Vs. Updated

New Blog CTAs

These are our new CTAs that will be appearing for all of the Healthy Living blog posts. There are two categories of the new CTAs that we have set up for the HL blogs. With the remediation we are going to be including both automatic CTAs and unique CTAs that will be post-specific.

Automatic CTAs

Newsletter Sign-Up Widget

This widget acts as another way for users to sign-up for the Healthy Living Newsletter. If a user has been sent a link to a blog, they may not see the roll-up version of the sign-up widget. Including an additional sign-up for the newsletter gives the opprotunity for new users to be included in our email marketing program.

Quick Links

The Quick Links CTA has been included on the HL Blogs to give users the ability to visit other portions of the site and find the care that they need. These links can be changed out if there are certain services that are more popular depending on the site.

Footer CTA Card

The Footer CTA Card has room for two links that can be used to invite users to call for more questions or find a physician. These links are placed at the bottom of the blog to give users multiple options for assistance. It offers users the ability to call or find a physician without having to scroll back to the top for the quick links.

Have Questions?

(555) 555-5555

Need a Physician?

Make an Appointment

Unique CTAs

Unique Footer CTA

This unique CTA allows us to add a link to a service page, physician, or other item across our sites. By having these unique CTAs are able to personalize the individual blog posts and give another outlet for users to access other places on the site. The unique CTAs can be used to drive traffic around our site and services.

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