General Rules

  • For document code, use a href=" " target="_blank">Title img src="/util/images/icon-pdf.gif" alt="PDF icon" width="16" height="16" /
  • All documents should be saved and uploaded as PDFs
  • Place in /util/documents folder
  • Prior to uploading a PDF, ensure the Description fields contain appropriate information
    • Open the PDF
    • Hit Ctrl+D
    • Enter appropriate information into the Title and Subject fields
    • Leave Author and Keywords blank
    • Hit Ok
    • Save the PDF

File Handling

  • Rather than display an image of a PDF on a webpage that links over to the PDF, insert a "Download our brochure" button.
  • Rather than link directly to an event flyer or a service brochure from a banner or web page, create a new web page which includes the PDF content and insert a button that links to the PDF on the page (if needed).
  • All main navigation menu items must go to a regular page – not a PDF or other file.
  • When removing a PDF from a page, please be sure to archive the file in dotCMS.