Standard Folders


  • /adaptive-content/: Homepage banners
  • /building/: Facility images
  • /blog/: Newsletter posts and new post images
  • /campaigns/: Active campaign images
  • /home-featured-items/: Three feature items on the homepage
  • /news/: Newsroom images
  • /physicians/: Physician images (This folder should be obsolete now except for, ASDs, PSGs, and specialty sites)
  • /services/: Service page banners and other images related to service content
  • /about/: Images contained in the /about/ section of our websites. This would include Awards and Accolades.

Non-Standard Folders


  • /gallery/: Use for image galleries; create a new folder within this one for each gallery; will not include yearly folders
  • /gme/: Use for images placed within the GME section of a site

Naming Conventions

At the beginning of each year we will create a new folder to better organize the files and separate them from the previous year. A “/YEAR/” folder will be added to each of the “Standard Folders”, “Non-Standard Folders”, and “Documents”.

Folder types to exclude from /YEAR/ folder addition:

  • /gallery/


General Image Example: “YEAR-TYPE-TITLE-DIMENSIONS.jpg”

To best organize our images we will need to include enough information to easily access the images in the future. This includes

Since there are mutlitple different types of images throughout the image folder here is a list of the different exmaples depending on the content.


  • Example: "2018-Jan-Flu-Symptoms-600x200.jpg"

Active Campaigns

  • Example: "2018-Campaign-Ortho-Banner-1500x500.jpg"
  • Example: "2018-Campaign-Ortho-Logo-400x250.jpg"

Adaptive Content:

  • Example: "2018-Banner-Heart-1500x500.jpg"

Document Standards

Documents and forms are to be merged from two options into solely the /documents/ folder. For each document or form we will need to distinguish two characteristics. For normal PDF documents we will need to ensure they’re accessible and noted at the end of the file name with a “-a”.

  • Example: “2018-Document-Volunteer-Application-a.pdf”

For forms which are fillable we will need to make sure that they are noted with a “-fillable” if they are accessible and fillable.

  • Example: “2018-Form-Physician-Information-fillable.pdf”

General Rules

  • For document code, use a href=" " target="_blank">Title img src="/util/images/icon-pdf.gif" alt="PDF icon" width="16" height="16" /
  • All documents should be saved and uploaded as PDFs
  • Place in /util/documents folder
  • Prior to uploading a PDF, ensure the Description fields contain appropriate information
    • Open the PDF
    • Hit Ctrl+D
    • Enter appropriate information into the Title and Subject fields
    • Leave Author and Keywords blank
    • Hit Ok
    • Save the PDF

File Handling

  • Rather than display an image of a PDF on a webpage that links over to the PDF, insert a "Download our brochure" button.
  • Rather than link directly to an event flyer or a service brochure from a banner or web page, create a new web page which includes the PDF content and insert a button that links to the PDF on the page (if needed).
  • All main navigation menu items must go to a regular page – not a PDF or other file.
  • When removing a PDF from a page, please be sure to archive the file in dotCMS.