Below is a tool that assists in the creation of custom forms using fairly standard fields/functionality. Please consult a FED if you need to create a form that is outside of the capabilities of this tool.


  1. Customize your form by selecting fields in the left column
  2. Give your form a filename
    do not enter a file extension
  3. Note to the recipient how you would like the email generated by the form to be handled.
    leave blank if there isn’t anything specific you’d like to say.
  4. Enter the subject of the message to be sent by the form.
    will use “Page Title - Contact Form’ if left blank.
  5. Indicate the email addresses that should recieve submissions from this form.
  6. Click “Build/Save”—This will save your session as well as generate the form file.
  7. Click “Download” to download your form file.
  8. Upload file to /local/velocity/forms/
  9. Copy & paste the velocity snippet into the content area/page that you would like your form to display.

Create Form

Velocity Snippet:

denotes required fields *
General Internet communication is inherently not secure. DO NOT send data considered confidential or private in nature on this form. (e.g., Social Security Numbers, Diagnosis Information, Credit Card Numbers, etc.)